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About Digital Photography Now

Digital Photography Now was launched in August 2001 by me, Ian Burley. Since 1984 I have been a professional writer focused on computer technologies. But as far back as the early 1970s, before I was even a teenager, I was hooked on photography. This is a how DPNow came about…

Award winner

I studied for a computer science degree but the hobby turned into my first salaried job working as a sales assistant in a camera store. Within 2 years I had been promoted to manager of two of the group’s stores in London and my team won the Amateur Photographer Magazine Dealer of the Year Award in 1982.

A rare backround in traditional photography as well as digital technology

It was only the upsurge of home computing in the early-to-mid 1980s that drew me away from photography. After a short time as a software writer I realised I was much better at writing about software and associated computer topics. In 1984 I gained my first editorial position at Micronet 800, a pioneering online magazine aimed at home computer users. Six years later I was its Editor. In 1992 I went freelance and worked for trade and consumer magazines and national newspapers writing about computer technology. For several years I was a managing editor at CeBIT News, the English language show daily at the massive CeBIT IT trade fair in Hannover, Germany.

The rise of digital photography

By the mid-1990s digital video and computer imaging were beginning to gain traction. Traditional photography magazine publishers rushed to capitalise on the emerging digital camera boom but few photography magazine journalists knew much about computers, let alone digital camera technology. My experience in photography and IT conspired to propel my career firmly in the direction of digital photography.

By the Millennium I was toying with the idea of starting a website about digital photography. My decision was made up while I was on a trip to Japan as a guest of Canon in June 2001. The founder of mega-site Digital Photography Review, Phil Askey, was on the same trip and encouraged me to pursue my instinct with what was to be Digital Photography Now.This very site, which we mostly refer to as DPNow, went live on Friday, 13th August that very same year.


DPNow aims to bring readers the latest news and insight about products and services that interest both amateur and professional photographers, including beginners. The social interactive community aspect of the site, where visitors can discuss topics, share information and help each other, as well as show their photographic work, is central to DPNow. This is where our discussion forum and user photo gallery come into play, along with the comments facility on our articles. Over the years we’ve welcomed newbies who literally didn’t know one end of a camera to another. Many of them are now very skilled and accomplished photographers who happily share their expertise with others.

DPNow also has a couple of sibling sites I founded, including Four Thirds User and the Olympus UK E-System User Group. While I have particular interest in Four Thirds and, latterly, the Micro Four Thirds systems, DPNow is strictly platform-neutral. Fundamentally, I just love cameras of any marque and, even more, using them!

Ian Burley

Hemel Hempstead

Summer 2016