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Phil Griffin exhibition – Unseen Icons – (24th October – 23rd November)

Brownsword Hepworth Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of previously unshown portraits by photographer Phil Griffin (24th October – 23rd November).

Unseen Icons brings together a series of intimate portraits, photographed across a 25 year period. Griffin’s photographs often erase the preconceptions of these public and celebrated figures, capturing a sense of vulnerability and honesty, allowing the viewer a glimpse of the sitter’s true self.

Griffin’s work as a creative director within the entertainment industry meant he was able to forge close friendships with his sitters, who include Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse, Jon Bon Jovi, Adele, Sir Paul McCartney, HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of Cambridge. He identified in each icon a shared trait – the desire to promote self-belief and self-worth in others. This motivation is at the heart of all of his photography and film work.

Phil Griffin is a multidisciplinary artist, photographer and filmmaker. After graduating from Ballet Rambert as a dancer and choreographer, he performed for Jan Fabre before moving to MCA Records in London to commission art films, visual campaigns and music videos for international artists including Destiny’s Child, Rihanna, Prince and Jay-Z. Griffin’s approach involves diminishing his physical presence as much as possible, often eliminating any forms of staging – decisions that are highlighted by the artist’s use of negative space within a frame. Describing his process, he writes:

‘To me, a good photograph is never taken – but given. My job was to make myself available to capture these moments of stillness from each of my collaborators, so each portrait is a moment of pure truth and self-expression. My aim is to use these works to further the conversation about wellbeing in the arts and entertainment industry.’ 

The exhibition is the first step of a wider project that aims to promote the wellbeing of young people through art and expression. A proportion of the proceeds will be donated to support The Princes Trust & Amy Winehouse Foundation programs.

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Phil Griffin:

Phil Griffin is an artist, filmmaker and photographer who has worked with artists around the world. He has directed documentary features including Bon Jovi’s When We Were Beautiful, Britney: For the Record and a full-length feature of Prince’s record-breaking concert series 21 Nights in London. In 2017 he was artist in residence at the Troubleyn Performing Arts Company in Belgium and participated in the Artist/Knight exhibition at Castle Gasbeek alongside Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Marina Abramovic.


Brownsword Hepworth:

Brownsword Hepworth are Agents and Dealers specialising in Modern British and Contemporary Art. Unseen Icons marks then expansion of their new gallery space in Knightsbridge, which will host curated exhibitions across the remainder of the year, before showing at the London Art Fair in January 2019.

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